How to migrate HDD to SSD without reinstalling windows (Includes UEFI FIX)

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**Note: You need either another computer or a USB adaptor to acheive this**
**Note2: This was done using Windows 8, might not work on previous versions**
In this video, I’m explaining how to migrate and upgrade your HDD to a faster SSD.
(This is done with an Intel Drive on a Lenovo Y510P)

-First, you have to clean up and uninstall everthing you’re not using and make the drive as small as possible.
-Remove the old drive and remove the enclosure
-Copy HDD to SDD using EaseUS ToDo Backup…


  1. Curious what kind of computer you dropped them into. I can't even boot win7 ultimate from my laptops hdd on my asus maximus impact viii mobo or my other two trashtops.

    I used some shitty backup aomei backupper and set my ssd's to raid 0, went to restore the image and the file was corrupted on my tb toshiba backup, so my pc is dead atm

  2. I have a quick question, if you have 1 sata to usb adapter. can you leave the old drive in the computer and clone it there? should I go and find the uefi in the bios and turn it on or off? thanks

  3. hey thanks man i tried this and works like a charm but i cant acces system recovery in novo button menu (if i try to enter system recovery it just booted normaly)any solution on that :(( i used todo backup to clone my hdd to ssd

  4. 1 like and 1 subscribe for my tech hero of the year (so far that is)!!!! I had used the EaseUS tool earlier in the day but ran into the uefi issue and your instructions totally got my laptop working on its new ssd. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

  5. Do I need to inishilize my new ssd drive before cloning with Intel own software?

    P.s. after downloading intel (Acronis) software Intel Migrations Software, and allocate it to save it on my D: 1TB HD, it says that it does not have enough memory what can cause this?

  6. It doesnt work for me:/ Maybe because i got that UEFI shit. I cant boot from SSD after cloning it. Any advises? My computer is Acer predator G3620

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