How to Monitor Internet Speed Statistics on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (On Taskbar)

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There are two types of apps that You can use to monitor you Internet Speed Statistics..
One is Called DUMeter and Another one is called “NetSpeedMonitor”
But The Best One is…


  1. i am trying to install the netspeedmonitor on windows 10 64bit i am forced to download file finder after i click install and yes i have clicked on compatibility box. please help and when i install file finder the file finder says cant find the file and the the thing which is bothering me is when i click on compatibility button there is a drop down menu where all os are there except windows 10

  2. im not able to patch du meter…. i installed the du meter then didn't open and try to patch its showing "Can not access the file. Maybe it's in use…Please close the file before patching!#### help

  3. I updated the links with new version of DUMeter & It Works Perfectly With Windows 10 ..
    Also NetSpeedMonitor Works Perfectly too ..
    To Make 'NetSpeedMonitor' Work in Windows 10, Just Right Click on the "NetSpeedMeter" installer/setup and go to 'Compatibility' tab
    and Check the Box Says "Run this programe in compatibility mode for" and then hit apply & ok ..
    Now you should be able to Install 'NetSpeedMonitor' Without any further issues

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