[How To] Network Share PS2 Games Using Windows 10 and OPL 0.9.3 Tutorial (2017)

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Today’s tutorial I wanted to take another approach and explain in simpler terms how to setup your Windows 10 PC properly to share your PS2 games to your PS2 that is running OPL 0.9.3. In my setup, I’m using Windows 10 64 bit with a network switch to connect my PC to my PS2.

The beauty behind this method is it helps games run smoother, and of course, you save your PS2 laser!

This topic really isn’t that complicated, and I hope today’s video takes the mystery out of this….


  1. If you still get error 300 on Windows 10, you probably have to enable SMB1 in Control Panel. Open Control Panel > Programs & Features > Turn Windows features on or off > "Check" SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support and your computer will update. This worked for me, please favorite this comment.

  2. Well done on leaving so much room for error here.
    Is the user name language based? If the name for the Guest is different in my language, do I still type in "Guest" into OPL or do I type what it is called in my language? Also, is it supposed to work or not with just an ethernet cable from a laptop to the PS2? My PC recognizes a connection but it wont work. OPL gives error 301. Also which one do I use, ipconfig on cmd gives IPv4 addresses for both WLAN and Ethernet, do I use the Ethernet address though? Neither works.

  3. Well my ps2 is scph 90004 model, so no mcboot available for me. But i had my ps2 modded with a matrix infinity v1.93 right after the warranty ended. Since i wanted to save my laser, i decided to go for smb method. But no mcboot for my model. So this is what i did, i burnt a ulauchELF to a cd, loaded it up in my ps2, connected a pendrive that had opl in it, browsed around, copied that opl to my ps2 magic gate, and done. All i had to do was press and hold R1 while ps2 boot up so it straightly boots into opl. From there, did all what he did in the video.. now i play all my collections straight from my laptop. Giving life to what i loved… Love you bro… great fan of versatile…

  4. @project phoenix media, i am trying to run Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter via smb. The game crashes at the initial loading screen. Tried both pal and ntsc isos. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
    Ps: other games just work smooth! You helped me bring back my childhood. Love you.

  5. Further to previous comments regarding error 300 and 301 on Windows 10, I beat my head against a wall until I found a solution, it worked for me, it may not work for you. Open search on your Win10 PC – Type "Turn Windows features on or off" – make sure "SMB file sharing" is fully turned on, then follow the video guide.

  6. probably gonna sound a bit dumb but i don't know those things anyway, so : isn't there a way to use that method with the PC turned off? I find it annoying having my pc on when i not using it

  7. Hey dude, thanks for the guides, I appreciate them, I didn't know how to do Smb on my PS2 yet
    Everything works fine with Smb, but I found that games like Socom 2 don't detect the network adapter on a fat PS2 or some just can't connect to online on ps2 (I would use xlink since most servers are down) I loaded Socom 2 on my fat PS2 with Smb and when I went to the lan option, it said that a network adapter is not connected, I did a search on google to see what I can do, and someone said that since the PS2 is streaming the game from the network, it's stuck in sort of like a malfunction type of mode where the network port or network adapter for the fat in this case, it is not detected or won't work for connecting online at all since it's in Smb mode or something like that, do you think there is a way to bypass this somehow and let the PS2 make a connection to online servers and not just Smb?

  8. Default gateway and DNS should be your routers IP address for most home networks. Leaving it blank will render you unable to get online.

    Best option before hitting properties on your network adaptor hit details and make a note of what your current IP settings are and set those in TCP IP V4.

  9. Hello. Happy new years +Project Phoenix Media! Thanks for posting these tutorials, it now opens the whole wonderful world of retro PSX and PS2 games on modded PS2 to newbies like me. I am a young lad in the US looking much forward to doing this process with FMCB, to play many more games for PS2 which I don't own. So, I looked into installing Homebrew on my Fat PS2 (39001) which I'm sure would work very great with this. I had to go on eBay and order a memory card that will ship within a week since it is too complicated to me to try and do myself (need a special memory card adapter to load the files). So now I'm waiting till this Saturday, and I need some help with questions. I've read the forums at PS2-HOME.com, where the manager there says that old PS2s will not support USB 2.0+ where the game speeds will be very slow, but mine I was gonna load all the DVD/CD on is 3.0, would it still work? Anyway, if USB isn't a good option for me (meaning I'd need to order an old USB that is as old as WinXP), I'd be glad to try the networking option but will that work if the router is about 10 FT from PC and uses a wireless connection w/ switch? As long as I configure network options correctly and use options as shown there, could I also connect the PS2 directly to PC? Thanks!

  10. I did everything like in the video. Used the proper ip addresses. And I even had this working on my computer before. Wiped my hard drive because of virus reasons. and now i put the smb folder back and added guest and all permissions and wont connect. right now im getting 301 cannot log into smb. Any help would be appreciated. Im running windows 10.

  11. Alright so I just want to verify a setup I have in my head before I go on and try it out… So I'll use OPL to connect my PS2 via Ethernet cable to my pc which has a external HDD connected to it containing my .ISO's. Does the HDD have to be formatted in FAT32 or is NFTS okay? And to use this method I'll just have to share my PS2SMB folder on the drive? Sorry if this sounds dumb but I feel like I'll try this out and I'll miss something otherwise haha. Any help is appreciated, and thank you for your helpful videos!

  12. Hey dude, first I want to thank you because your tutorial helped me out alot. I wanted to ask you, is it possible to play games bigger than 4 GB via network sharing? I didnt quite understand what you meant with ripping the game with usb util. I now have some split files from the game and tried dumping them in the PS2SMB folder but now I dont know what to do. I hope you can help me.

    EDIT: Never mind, the game suddenly showed up now, my mistake was trying to dump it in the DVD folder also. I hope there wont be any errors with this method. Arigato one more time! 🙂

  13. Hi! I have a serious problem. No matter what I do I keep getting the same error. (Cannot connect to SMB server: 300). It used to work before, till I boot up a game that made it crash and now it doesnt work anymore. Can you please help me? I dunno if its a hardware or software problem.

  14. I just don't get one thing from all this…do i need to keep the PC turned on while playing on the PS2?because if i do than it's better to just stick with playing on USB's,even if it loads slower

  15. Also, the bad thing about this method is that you cannot play online/LAN games using it. Its a shame cause I really wanted to play on the Twisted Metal Black Online Rebirth Servers or use Xlink Kai. Oh well, whatever gets the games running.

  16. Do not assign a Protocol IPv4 Address as it does disconnect the Ethernet connection to your PC. You don't have to mess with it because OPl can use DHCP instead of requiring you to use an IP. If your PC is not connect using Ethernet, then it is required to assign an IP Address in the protocol.

  17. I have a problem. I have Splinter Cell Chaos Theory downloaded with the file size being 4.32GB. Every time I try to run it in OPL, it boots but then leads to a black screen. Any solutions?

  18. Hi, so I have a few problems and questions :
    1 : We change the IP on the unidentified network or the network connection ? cuz on the network connection it disconnect me
    2 : I got the error 300
    4 : On the IP, I put anything or my real IP ?
    5 : My windows is in French, so I can't put "Guest" on the file sharing, can that cause a problem ?
    Thank's for the answer

  19. Hey man.
    I ran into a weird problem.
    This has been working fine for the last 6 months but now it isn't.
    Just going back the same error 300 message again.
    I've done everything you said but this time
    when I go to Network and Sharing > Changed Adapter settings > Ethernet > Properties > TCP/IPv4
    And enter my IP and click save, it doesn't save, going into the details tab, it just says "autoconfiguration IPv4
    and a completely different IP address. rather than the standard,
    it's giving me:
    There is also a share option under properties but when I click that and type in the correct IP, my wifi shits itself and I get the yellow icon next to the wifi symbol. Any advice?

  20. Ok maybe I'm just an idiot but I have a PS2 game larger than 4GB, I put it in the DVD folder and when I run it in OPL it just hangs on the loading screen and sometimes doesnt even load the screen properly. Do I need to defrag or put in another folder? Any help would be a appreciated.

  21. Well, It all works other than when i try and boot a game, it is just a pink screen. USB game booting does work, But over network any games launched results in a pink screen.

    EDIT: well i figured it out, i changed my PS2's local IP with uLaunch and matched it with the ip in OPL and that fixed it

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