How to Open Internet Explorer in Windows 8/8.1 Mode / Desktop Mode

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1. Open Internet Explorer and go to “Tools” and open “Internet Options”. Go to “Programs” tab
2. Under “Opening Internet Explorer” click on “Make Internet the Default Browser”
3. In Set Default Programs window, select IE and click on “Set this program as default”
4. Again open Internet Explorer and go to “Tools” and open “Internet Options”. Go to “Programs” tab. Under choose how you open link, select “Let IE decide”.
5. Finally, IE will open in Windows 8 / 8.1 Mode.



  1. I don't want IE to open in Desktop mode. When I go to Internet Options, Programs, I can't uncheck the box, Open IE in Desktop mode.
    I'm running IE version 11

  2. I need some serious help guys, I don't even have Internet Explorer anymore. When I try to open it in the Windows 8 version, it switches over to the Desktop/Windows 7 and nothing opens! I just want Internet explorer back on Windows 8 is all!

  3. So weird that they don't have a setting that just allows you to launch the browse in Windows mode. I've been using IE because recently I've taken heavy notice that Chrome is a resource "Monster" and Firefox with their new updates has been very buggy. Anyway…Thanks, this was helpful!

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