How To Open Media In Windows Media Player Windows 10

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  1. QUESTION FOR ANYONE! I have Win Media Player 10. I've ripped a number of CD's to it. I also have folders in "My Music". I want to move a number of the tracks FROM Media Player into these folders. How do you do that? I've tried: Copy and Past and I've tried dragging and dropped. NO LUCK WITH EITHER. Thanks.

  2. This first paragraph will solve most peoples problems, this way you don't have to right click every single file/your media, and select open with windows media player, having to do that would be annoying, and you wouldn't be able to have playlists either, anyway heres the instructions, in windows media player, Go to Organize, Manage libraries, and then select what your trying to add to media player, in my case it was music, and then you just add the path/find the hard drive/SSD/Solid State Drive location, and your good to go, now all of your music/media will show up in windows media player.

    If your having issues with playing the file/music, you may want to look for an MP3 converter/ file converter, or just use VLC, which is another player, but it will play all kinds of file types.

    Also burning a disk is self explanatory as well, you just put a RW/ RE-Writable disk in your optical drive, also your optical drive needs to be able to burn disks as well, and select burn, and then just drag and drop what you want to be burned to the CD.

    Although most people these days are just using MP3 players, and able to store a ton of music on a tiny device, if there not using a dedicated MP3 player, there using there phone as an MP3 player, Also some people just stream music as well, from Pandora,Spotify, Amazon, even YouTube, and some people have home servers to stream there music from, basically a harddrive/SSD/Computer they have music on, thats connected to the internet, that can interact with other devices to stream music, and even movies over wifi/the internet and there are other ways to stream music, and movies as well like Netflix Hulu, Starz, HBO, anyway you get the idea, times have changed, but if you want to do anything with in windows media player this should have covered it, Burn is on the right side of windows media player, creating a playlist is on the left side, and you can name your playlist what ever you want, and drag and drop what ever you want into your play list, anyway I hope this helped someone, I was trying to give instructions, that kinda pointed you in the right direction that covers basically everything, with a minimum amount of words/nonsense, I still think the first thing I typed is gonna be most peoples problem, getting there files/music to show up in windows media player. Anyway again hopefully this helped someone.

  3. How do you get windows media player to recognize your music/ I want to create a playlist with in windows media player, to play music thats on my harddrive, can't media player just scan your hard drives when you open windows media player for the first time, and have all your music show up, I'm just looking for a tab that allows you to allow windows media player to see your hardrives/music, and then later on or when ever you want create custom play lists. How do I do that? Also you cant understand anything your saying, you need a better mic, maybe you can type an answer at least, I don't want to individually right click each thing I want to listen to or watch, every single time, If I was gonna do that I might as well use VLC, I want all my music and vids to come up in a library with in windows media player, and also create play lists for my movies as well.

  4. Apple is a bit more expensive, but Microsoft is playing us. Windows 7 was perfect, but greedy-ass Gates fucked it up. I just got my tax return, guess what I'm not buying. On my way to the Apple store.

  5. This is no help at all Cheiften. Such a shame that your presentation has been so poorly done. Why put advice like this on youtube when you aren't prepared to:

    A). Plan how you are going to present your advice.

    B). Speak clearly and slowly – remember your viewers are listening to your words and trying to follow your cursor movements as well so try to slow your cursor too.

    C) Make the information easily seen by viewers.

    Come on Cheiften you can do better than this. I would say this to any Youtube subscriber so it isn't just you. If this is something you are interested in as a long term interest perhaps consider a course to review the way you present information. You clearly are very knowledgeable on your computer knowledge so build on this. I do not mean to sound critical. My suggestions are meant to be constructive and supportive. Good luck. 🙂

  6. To fucking fast !!!!!!!!!!! The cursor moves to fucking much to fast, the font is to small to read easily and 50 other things !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Total waste of time tring to follow this !!!!!!!!!

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