How to Open PDF files on desktop instead of Metro App Windows 8

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This is a quick reference on how to change your default settings to open your pdf files as a desktop window and not as a metro app outside of the desktop.


  1. That's great – just what I needed! Many thanks.
    What a silly idea that you cannot open a pdf and use it on the desktop alongside other documents.
    Thanks so much for sorting this out!

  2. thanksgod there is this tutorial.. i was so damn pissed of by win 8 and its annoying different applications opening everything differently.. i mainly had a problém with PDF because i didnt remember what was the default program it was always opened in in older Windows, so yeah.. adobe reader ahaha

  3. Thanks for the help.
    Metro mode for desktop is the most stupid idea ever. I also had to install other desktop version of the programs including Skype etc. Metro Skype is completely useless. 

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