How To Optimize The Windows 7 Paging File – Ep. 11

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The paging file is an intimidating portion of the operating system. Most people don’t fully understand what “memory” or “RAM” is, let alone what it’s backup within the kernel operating system is. Paging file, despite it’s notorious reputation, is not that complicated. When your computer runs out of memory, it needs something it can fall back on. For the operating system, this is known as your paging file. The operating system sets…


  1. I have a scenario here , where i need to set the page file in two different drives. So i chose the option – "custom size".

    I have a 32gb RAM in ma server . Yet it needs a 64 gb of page file.

    I want to set 14Gb on C drive and the rest 50Gb in D drive.

    I have a doubt about setting the initial and final size of the page file size in both the drives.

    Could some one help me please ??

  2. The stupid stupid mantra of swap file should be 1, 1.5 2 etc times your ram amount, if you're not a moron then you should realise that this does not make sense.

    HDD and SDD are very slow compared to memory, you do not want them being used as temporary memory if at all possible. The mantra of 2x memory for swap file was already going back when people only had 4mb YES MB not GB of memory and I'm sick of hearing people how should now better going full retard when it comes to swap file size.

    If your swap is being used then it means you don''t have enough memory. If you have 16GB or more and are a normal home user/gamer then it's highly unlikely that you'll ever be using more memory than you have or run into problems if you don't use a swap file.

  3. Hey, i just wanna know where should i set my page file? should i set the page file on all of my drives? or only the drive that has OS installed in it, i have 2 Drives partitioned, 4 drives in total, therefore i have 1st drive = (C:),(E:) , and 2nd drive = ,(F:),(G:) in the settings , the only thing that has a paging file is the (C:) , other drives is set to (no page file).. i wanted to know if should i also put page files the same amount i put the page file on (C:) Drive? or ill just leave the (E:),(F:),and (G:) to (no page file) and let the (C:) have it all?

  4. you can create a perfectly contiguous pagefile.sys with the CONTIG utility.
    it's also recommended to move pagefile.sys to the primary partition on a secondary drive, to facilitate more parallel I/O.  The outermost tracks on a HDD are fastest,
    because recording density is mostly constant:  thus, inner tracks have less data
    than outer tracks, and the read/write armature starts at the outermost track.

  5. I've had 4GB, 8GB and 16GB of RAM on my windows 7 64-bit PC before. Every time I increase my RAM, the space on my SSD shrinks by the amount of RAM that was added more or less.

    If I have 4GB of RAM, my 128GB boot SSD has 80GB left. If I have 8GB of RAM, it has 76. If 16GB of RAM, then 68. I have the paging file set to 1GB, I have hibernation turn off.

    Why does increasing my RAM reduce the boot SSD space? Is write caching the cause or what?

  6. Windows 7 system requirements
    If you want to run Windows 7 on your PC, here's what it takes:

    1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor

    1 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit)

    16 GB available hard disk space (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)

    DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver

    You have well over what you need to run windows 7 32bit. Plus it is less exploited then XP so less viruses.

  7. Hey.. So what I did is changed the Pagefile into 4048 mb bcoz I have a 2x4GB in total of 8GB's of RAM.. Is it okay..? The real settings of Pagefile was actually 8159mb.. But I need the Memory Space for other stuffs.. So I reduced it.. Do you think it's okay..?

  8. Agree with 21asd , i have 4 GB RAM DDR3, my pagefile was 6118 MBytes and i changed to 250MBytes, the minimum you must use is 200, but i changed to 250MBytes, and now my OS is running with 15 seconds faster, omg, very nice . Thank you 21asd!

  9. But you say different here and on the one where you have 20 tips? I have 16GB of memory and upgrading to 32GB soon. Should i use no paging file or costom size? Its now set to custom (i havent done it) on initial at 4096 and max at 8192. So should i fill inn 24507 witch is recomended from windows, or 24576 as you told by the math prosess or just no paging file ass you tell in the other video. I really hope that made sence 🙂 Thanks for any answears 😀

  10. What if I delete the paging file which I currently have ?

    Automatically it should regenerate, but my question is that if I delete the paging file will that crash my machine or what ?

  11. I have a god mode video in the Tips and Tricks playlist on my Channel. Remember, questions can also be asked at the community pcmtechhelp[dot]com/community where you will get a more prompt response from fellow YouTubers and subscribers 🙂 Hope this helps.

  12. This is likely a bug with the L.A. Noire game and your graphics drivers. Make sure both are updated to the latest revision. Yes. Remember, questions can also be asked at the Google+ community pcmtechhelp[dot]com/community where you will get a more prompt response from fellow YouTubers and subscribers 🙂 Hope this helps.

  13. windows task manager -> performance -> physical memory
    total: #######

    this ####### * 1.5 = recommended paging file size.
    also, why waste time doing math when the paging file recommendation is just in the same window as where you set it?

  14. Hi, thank you for your video, was very helpful.

    I just wanted to know what are possible disadvantages of increasing the paging file size?

    And do you only notice improvement in system performance for those with low availability of installed ram?

    thank you

  15. if you have more than 4gb ram i recommend turning it off i did so and my computer boots up 6 seconds faster apps also load a little faster when your computer has that much it doesn't need paging file at all. this is because physical memory is faster than virtual memory

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