How to Optimize Windows 10 For GAMING & Power Users

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Here is the guide of how to optimize windows 10 for gamers and also just speed up windows 10 in general. Also since privacy is a big concern going in with windows 10 I will show you guys how to make the OS less invasive than usual, though keep in mind that it…


  1. Just a warning to everyone watching, I followed all the steps above. One problem developed which i didnt realize was related to this. I disabled Radio Management Services, and what happened is my airplane mode became permanently on. This also affected the network connections as i coudn't connect to any new wifi network as no new wifi network was being shown. I backtracked to the changes that i made and i found this was the issue after 2 days of troubleshooting.

    Do not disable Radio Management Serivces if you want to undergo the same problems that I went through.

  2. Thanks very much… I thought I had got rid of most M$ crapware on my new comp with a W10 system, but you pointed out a few things which appear to have helped with a big keyboard lag issue that I've been having for days, despite disabling services, etc.

    I didn't actually find the list of services in the comments… not that it matters, I just followed along… although M$ has now renamed one or two on them in a "wizard ruse" to stop people shutting stuff down. It'd be nice to have a list of W10 services which you do in fact need … with a view to disabling all the rest… i.e. to know what each service actually does… no doubt available somewhere out there, and I shall look now

    … another thought by the way: have you ever noticed how much crap M$ has dumped in the Task Scheduler? I'm sure most of these repetitive tasks are totally unnecessary and could interfere with gaming fun (I'm not a gamer but have as much aversion to intrusionware as anyone…).

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