How to optimize your SSD for Windows 7

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  1. give it time, all aspect will improve greatly. when the first mechnical hard drive came out for the consumer market, it was big physically but small in capacity and not very reliable.

  2. You, good sir, are a lifesaver. By far the most put together/explained video on a Windows install on an SSD. Particularly the part talking about AHCI and TRIM. I am soon to put together my PC and new what I 'wanted' to do and new that it was possible but I hadn't learned much about AHCI or TRIM yet. Thank you!!

  3. For disabling the paging file you NEED 16GB RAM not 8GB otherwise you WILL have bluescreens and other sorts of troubles.Trust me.
    The alternative is to set less- 1500-2000mb page file or 2nd non ssd drive. as in video.
    Also DISABLE Prefetch, superfetch, index search. You could move Desktop from SSD to Hard drive too like other temp folders-My Documents, Temps and such. enable TRIM, Achi like he said

    From IDE o ACHI and From RAID to ACHI

    Press Ctrl + X and select Command Prompt as admin from the menu
    on search type cmd & rumn as Admin & copy/paste the following command::

    bcdedit /set {current} safeboot minimal

    Restart in BIOS & change the SATA drive setting to AHCI (typically press F1, F2, F10 or Delete)

    Windows will boot into Safe Mode.

    Open an Administrator Command Prompt again and enter the following command to disable Safe Mode boot:

    bcdedit /deletevalue {current} safeboot


  4. I went to best buy yesterday looking at SSD's and I saw a sandisk 240g for 117.00 … I looked up the same SSD on amazon and it was only 74.00… best buy priced matched the amazon price woo hoo… I have 8 gigs of I need a pagefile?

  5. No AHCI option in bios unfortunately. The only thing I see is SATA controller with options enabled or disabled. I followed the steps in Regedit but when I rebooted nothing new appeared in device manager. Maybe my motherboard doesn't support AHCI – it is about five years old. I don't know if it's possible to upgrade the BIOS.

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