How to Perform a Shutdown on a Sony VAIO PC with Windows 8

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This video will show you how to perform a shutdown a Sony VAIO PC with Windows 8.


  1. My VAIO F 15 is 10 months old. It is loaded with window8. My problem is that it sometimes does n't shutdown with normal process (keeping curser in lower corner of screen–power–shutdown.) I have to perform forced shutdown. No virus shown by defender but action centre sends massage of auto maintenance, which may not finish in whole night like yesterday night. Starting also takes too long after filing admin password. what shud be frequency for sony vaio update?

  2. Hi I have a Vaio VGN FW235J, I recently upgraded from vista to 8 but when I turn the computer off the screeen goes off but the power light and the fan are still run and I am forced to use a forced shut down. I thought it might be from the drivers so I went to sony care center and there are no drivers for windows 8 on this model. Is there any way to shut it down? if I keep using forced shut down would I force my hardware? or only software?

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