How To Play Army Men on Windows 8 / 8.1 / 7 (64 Bit Only)

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Note: CD Rom or .Iso must be mounted. If you want a no cd, go google it. To make it run under 32bit, u have to edit the 2 registry that comes with the fix and save it then run the registry.

Copy these 8 files from you CD Rom and paste it in your Army Men Folder. Alpine, Audio, AVI, Bayou, Desert, Maps, Screens, Stratmap.

Link To Fix File:

HEAVY NOTE: Do Not add Le Fixya Jeostarzz in Facebook. He’s been stealing my Fixes Videos…


  1. I found out how to get this to work with the GOG version. If you replace the DLLs and the EXE in the patched version with the ones from the GOG version it runs perfectly fine.

  2. I own the War Chest… but Army Men 1 and 2 are lagging a lot… do you know how can i fix this?

    My Specs: Widows 8.1
    AMD Radeon GPU 1gb
    8gb RAM

    Dell Inspiron 5547

    Please someone help me… i need to play this game

  3. Who else is having lag issues here? I find it works perfectly on 32 bit processor computers but lags on 64 bit computers, even w/ 32 bit compatibility mode enabled.

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