How to re-activate Windows 10 after a hardware change (Insider Preview)

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In this video I am going to show you the new Insider Preview of Windows 10. There have been a lot of improvements in the security, stability and graphical interface alongside with few handy new features, like the Activation troubleshooter. In order to re-activate the device with a digitally signed key you will need a Microsoft Account. According to Microsoft there are few possible problems that can prevent you from…


  1. You fucking loser. Don't make help videos with your dumbass commentary just get to the fucking point. Fix your volume too. Nothing like having to crank it up to here your twat of a voice then to get blasted by you shit of an intro.

  2. Doesn't work for me. Upgraded from FX-8120 to Ryzen 5 1600x, new mobo, and ram aswell. Everytime i go thru this it just says "We can’t reactivate Windows on this device. Try again later.". Even on Microsoft's help page about this, it has a list of why it might not be activating, and nothing on the list applies to me. Contacted MS support chat, they did a remote control of my desktop and still couldn't activate it, then said they'd need the original product key. Problem is i upgraded from Win7, and bought/installed Win7 back in like 2010/2011.

  3. So before i upgrade my cpu and motherboard I do this, then swap it with the old ones, turn my computer on and reactivate windows, is all programs and settings still there? Does it work like this? I did buy windows 10 when i first builded my pc, so it is not an upgraded windows 7.

  4. Hey , i changed cpu , gpu ram and motherboard . They told me that i need to active windows with the code that is written on the desktop . However , since the pc is old , this code has been vanished . They told me that i need to spend 100€ to buy new windows… what can i do?

  5. @NLB Solutions
    So I have a computer I installed Windows 8.1 OEM in a few years ago. I recently updated to Windows 10 for free through microsoft. My question is: can i upgrade my hardware, including cpu, motherboard, gpu, and keep the windows 10 installation even though I originally used an OEM copy. Right now, the windows 10 is connected to my account.

  6. Hi 🙂 I'm planning on getting a new motherboard and processor (cpu) and I'm a bit confused :/ so if I get a new motherboard, will Windows 10 come off my PC when I log on with my new motherboard?

  7. My computer was beeping when I first turned it on so I unplugged it and left it for a week and a half now it will come on but it has wiped all my things off of it how do I fix this

  8. so i tried troubleshoot after "just a moment " it only says unable to activate windows. we cant reactivate windows as our servers aren`t available right now. Wait for a few moments or try adding microsoft account again. WTF

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