How To Recover Permanently Deleted Files For Free In Windows 7, 8 and 10

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This tutorial will show you how to recover permanently deleted files on your computer utilizing free software.


  1. Thanks for the tutorial!!The first software didn't work with my external hard drive but the second one did!!Unfortunately I deleted a huge folder so it took me 2hrs to recover most of the files but the important thing is that it worked so thanks a million!!!

  2. Hi i can't sign into my profile on my computer and lost all my data. I made another profile and was able to log in but I lost all my data in my other profile. I checked user- user name and in the user name folder it Saids data zero. I am trying to recover files that were on my desktop. Do you have any idea on how to recover files that were deleted from another user profile.

  3. i doing something really dumb, i put every file on my desktop in to a folder with a password (dont ask how) and then i dragged over everything and then put it in my recycle bin and it said it was to full and i had the perm delete some things so i clicked ok, next think i know i know i perm deleted the folder with all my files in it, any chance i can get that back?

  4. Tried several times and each time it tells me it can't scan one disk… it happens to be everything I've deleted in the past six months. Any ideas? I see files up till February of 2017 and none since. Thanks.

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