How To Recover Your Download List From IDM.mp4

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In this Tutorial you`ll learn how u can get your download List After Removing your Windows Xp Or 7 Or anything.
So I hope U Enjoy It.
If you have Any Q =
Thank you.


  1. hi bro, it was very helpful. But if I copy and paste the files and corresponding regedit to a new PC then after resuming
    and completing, idm can't find
    the location and displaying a error message.
    for example- in old PC I set location in drive F and if I have only two drives in my new PC then how can idm will download the file in drive F in new PC?
    and also I want to set new location for every file in my new PC then what I have to do? please help

  2. Not helpful if you deleted a downloading item by mistake. cant seem to find a solution online, if you have please let me know. just lost 21gb of download. remove looked like resume to me NkT!

  3. i clicked remov several times over the years…now…
    any updates on this? a simple way?

    hehe ur an SC player good! hail

    please make one for win xp… xD

    why dont they fucking put an option in the fkn program to restore these mistakes!?

  4. Problem is i deleted by mistake my download LIST history from IDM and i do not got IDM registry backup, is it possible import list from cnlurllist.dat or UrlHistory.txt from AppFolder "c:UsersUserNameAppDataRoamingIDM" ?

  5. For me my ups happened to switch off and IDM had downloaded almost 91% at that time.When I switched on again there is no file in the IDM queue.But when I checked the IDM temp file ,it shows almost 1.4 gb files with a file no(full size is 1.67gb).I tried ur steps after deleting these but again I did not get that file in IDM queue..Please help me..
    Any way thanks for ur tutorial.And also Any method to rebuild the partially downloaded video files..???

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