How To Reformat Your Hardrive & Reinstall Windows XP

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This video describes how to get into your BIOS, reformat your hard drive, and reinstall Windows Xp. Please have your volume up I have a tendency to be quiet.

Update: September 13 “Wow 40,000 views!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where do get the Windows XP CD?

A: Try looking for the CD with all of the stuff that came with your computer. Try your parents work if they have computers there (they should be able to borrow one). However, if there is not one at there work than ask…


  1. You have a lot of computer know-how for such a baby face…haha. Thanks, though…very informative and helpful. Others…just turn the volume up high and listen close. πŸ™‚

  2. 01:20
    Kid: You're Gonna wanna hit U
    Me: *punch my self in the face* OK, i hit myself… now what?
    Kid: So hit U four times
    Me: I think this kid is screwing with me :S

  3. hey so I forgot my administrator password and I'm trying to reboot the entire system…. how can I do that??? I've been trying and nothing i dont mind if my files are lost I just want it to go back to the manufacturers default!! help please

  4. lets say i have two hard drives (partitions, right?). Both are 80gb each. When I do this, I understand the window will come up to 'not repair'. You said do this for all partitions. will I show two separate partitions since I have two drives? If so, I would want to 'not repair' both, correct? When I'm done, will I still have two individual 80gig drives or one, 160gig drive? Forgive the ignorance. I'm 44 and learning.

  5. first, props to you trying to help all these people. don't let trolls with troll comments be the 'thank you' that you walk away with from doing this. second, the only thing I'd recommend is to make sure the audio is a bit more clear and have the mic closer to you? Outside of that, most people will not only get help from this, but walk away with a lot more respect for youth and how you, as a young man, owns much older people like myself. thanks again.

  6. @SetToFail281 you have to reinstall your drivers again go to your manufacturer website they should have the drivers for your computer btw go on another computer and download the drivers and put them on USB pm if u still need help

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