how to reinstall sound on your windows xp home (no download)*No volume needed*

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This video will help you reinstall your sound back on to windows xp Hone. if further help is required or have another xp problem just comment and i will make a video 4 you guys thanks 4 watchin


  1. Sometimes I stop and think why do people had to make computers so complicated if my software problems it's wifi if not wifi it's the speed if not the speed it's the sound smh

  2. I fixed it! I found out I didn't have the driver installed so I installed Realtek High Definition Audio XP ( latest version) and I got that Windows XP nostalgic audio, I felt so happy :D, this IS the solution, ignore most of this bs, just DOWNLOAD the driver I mentioned above.

  3. when i start my pc up i get a error from asus ACPI service saying "Missing audi driver ,audi hot key is void. please install audi driver" and i tryed your method but it doesn't work please help!

  4. quick question..I accidentally deleted one of the components under audio sound and gamecontrollers. if i do this method it says access denied. do i have to uninstall the whole audio sound and game controllers if i want to do this method?

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