How to remove desktop.ini Windows 8 and 7 / Hide thumbs.db files VIRUS?

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How to remove desktop.ini Windows 8 and 7 / Hide thumbs.db files VIRUS? . Don’t worry this is not a virus anyway. It is only showing all over to your folders that needs to be hide. I’am showing you in this video to help you on how to remove it / hide it. i hope you like my video and it helps you to solve your problem. thank you.

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  1. thanks man, I am so happy these bullshit files won't show in my music folder and pics.I was so annoyed with these shts. awesome vd bro thanks again :D.

  2. This is a virus but when u have a good antivirus its not attacking u or something like that or running that was by me i had CryptoWall that virus locks ur filles but if u hide that files 1 month virus will lock up ur filles and say u must pay 500 USD or something like that but only way to remove that virus Reboot ur System and it will delete all viruses thanks…

  3. You're awesome bro!! It's gone now, But I don't think it's a coincidence that they shown up just right after I copied some games from my old laptop to this one, and the C: Folder got too much new files with sizes around 4-6 KB and names like {4SAG-SFSAG-ASDASF} and so on, could this by anyhow be a virus?? Thanks again bro!

  4. I wont lie, I thought I had a mild virus when I saw the .ini and .db files popping up all over. (Since they weren't there before I installed stuff). I still make back ups of everything though! Thanks for the vid!

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