How to remove Ubuntu from dual boot windows 10

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How to remove Ubuntu from dual boot windows 10 or or remove ubuntu dual boot windows 8 or remove ubuntu dual boot:- with this video you are easily able to remove ubuntu from uefi boot menu.

In this tutorial, I will guide you “How To Remove Ubuntu From Dual Boot Windows 10” step-by-step along with my Youtube video on the same topic. most of the time you wants to test the power of ubuntu and you install it with windows 10 PC but if you didn’t know the correct step to remove this may it…


  1. For anyone watching this, you don't have to use recovery CD or anything to repair boot. Just boot into your BIOS, set Windows Bootloader as your #1 Boot into instead of Ubuntu. Saved me time of re-downloading the W10 ISO file lol

  2. You don't need to have a Windows 10 CD or any installation media. Whilst on Windows 10, click the start button, shut down options, then whilst holding shift down on your keyboard press restart. Your PC should boot to the blue recovery screen shown. (It didn't actually work for me but it might in your scenarios).

  3. You should really improve your English. It's completely fine for an Indian person to not know English, however it's not fine for a person who is making video for an English audience to not know proper English!

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