How to Remove Virus from a Computer – FREE Virus Removal Software Windows 8.1 – Antivirus Protection

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See in my video how to remove a virus Fast and Free. You will see how to remove a virus from your computer for free. Speed up your computer by with free virus removal and malware removal app. Malwarebytes is a free malware & virus removal app that is considered top notch in its class for virus detection and malware removal.

You can safely use Malwarebyes in conjunction with AVG, AVAST, AVIRA, McAfee and Norton.

Removing a virus from an infected laptop or computer is not normally straight…


  1. help, I reset my pc, AND PLUGGED MY USB IN… MALWARE BYTES FOUND 4 VIRUSES STRAIT AWAY, then it deleted them all, it asked me to restart so I said yh, then I went on w10, and cmd came up and went away strait away, it that normal????????

  2. Hi there!
    I just wanted to say that I watched this video last night and it was really helpful. Thank you so much; my computer is now virus-free and working just fine! So, thank you tons. This was really helpful for me, love. 🙂

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