How to remove windows not genuine message – Windows 7 – No download required

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No downloads required.
Just delete slui.exe (thumbnail is a set of keys) from system32.
This will stop the pop up / balloon that appears every 15 or so minutes from appearing.

If this video helps then please let me know!



  1. This trick works but you still get that damn pop up when you try to preview pics using right click/view, Also still has the notice on the bottom of your desktop, But it no longer removes your custom display.

  2. Just did this on my windows 7, hope it works, I do have a genuine copy but for some reason it said that I did not. You are awesome, I found nothing else on the net that explains this. So thank you even if this video is 5yrs old.

  3. Hi, everyone knows ur video is "crap", even you. But I dont care since i want to get whats important here. I just did this and i hope it will work. So far so good, about 20 minutes later. I will come back to this comment if its NOT working

  4. with Windows 7 you can Go to start type in regedit into the search box and hit enter. Select regedit from program box and using the arrowheads navigate to
    H KEY LOCAL MACHINE >Software>Microsoft>WindowsNT>CurrentrVersion>SoftwareProtectionPlatform
    once you find it click on software protection platform then double click skiparm change its value from 0 to 1 this should give you 8 to 10 rearms

  5. just buy windows 10 pro, or windows 7.. they are cheap, Recently my friend bought from Windows 10 Pro for 29.99$ , right now in the market they are about 50-70$.

    Also for Pirate users, dont use this method i repeat dont use this. U will say WHY? ,
    Because , this removes the black background thing, but anything besides that is still Genuine without license. So to fix this, i hope everybody is heard of "DaZ Loader" for Windows 7. Just google it, and download latest DaZ Loader, and Patch your system, This will automaticly guarranted FULL Premium License key, and no more deleting or anything + u will get Windows Updates for free, and besides that in right corner u will dont have message that u are computer is genuine, and u are pirate user. (Also all apps for Windows works perfectly fine, and your license key will be shown when you enter "My Computer" "Propertys" its legit License Key. I had some computers that i used Windows 7 License key (patched with Daz Loader) and then Updated to Windows 10 Pro, its worked and Updates for Windows 10 is coming. .

    Let me now, if someone help that.
    I did this 99x time, when customer ,wants changing or reinstalling windows (7,8,8.1)
    i only bought Windows 10 , because why not.

    Heads up.!
    # IT Expert.

  6. Would you please explain how to get rid of the pop up that comes up when opening calculator? It is actually what I was looking for when I opened this vid.. Thanks. It's super fucking annoying.

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