How to Reset a Windows 7 Password Without a Password Reset Disk or Windows Installation CD

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This video from Tutorial Techie will show you how to reset a Windows 7 password without a Password Reset Disk or a Windows 7 Installation Disk. This will be particularly helpful if you ever find yourself locked out of your Windows 7 machine, want to access a Windows machine that you don’t have the password for, or just want to demonstrate the low level of security that Windows passwords offer. To complete this process however, you will need access to an unlocked PC and physical access to the…


  1. Thank you…..forgot the password a year ago and gave up on this laptop……thought the Windows 10 free download might overwrite my problem but alas it did not.I used this method and it worked flawlessly…many thanks…….Sincerly

  2. For some reason, i can do everything until i get to save changes, and then it won't allow me to type y or n. Since n is the default, it automatically reverts to this, and then nothing is saved. Is there another way to type yes to save changes?

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