How to Reset your PC to Factory Settings – Windows 8.1 without losing data & without CD

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A short video tutorial showing how to reset your Windows 8.1 laptop computer to factory settings in real time. Without CD and without losing data or personal music, pictures or videos. There are three ways to do this: just refresh PC with no data lost, remove and erase everything or do a restore from any early date & time with out losing anything. So learn how to reset your computer the easy way by watching my video tutorial.

My video shows you how to reset windows 8.1 to factory settings…


  1. Okay so basically this is just reseting all your apps and files and once you do this it cant be undone you have to click refresh which is the first one where it says resets everything expect for your files in pictures, documents and others that is how you reset everything expect your files.

  2. HI

    I'M having this issue
    (insert media
    some fiLes are missing, your windows instaLLation or recovery media wiLL provide these fiLes) !!!

    how can i fix this issue when refreshing the system as in your video

  3. When it says, please wait . . preparing. . . . I don't have a NEXT button. I only have a CANCEL. What do I do to completely reset my desktop pc to a factory setting on Window 8.1

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