How to Rotate a Video in Windows 7, 8 and 10

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easy description of how to rotate a video 90 degrees with Windows movie maker

For WIndows 8 and 10 users download:


  1. CLEAR CONCISE ADVISE Thanks a lot! After downloading and installing three FREE software that left me with horrid watermarks exact over my face:-).. Your advice was simple to the point and so helpful so send a video birthday wish to a dear friend on the other side of the world.. One would think by now Android cellphones or that stupid Window Media player would have a simple button to turn around and save a short video.. Sometimes the decor just is prettier vertically especially if one wants to include palm trees etc..

  2. How about less boring criticism of this man's mic technique (and about how "long" his 1:23 video is) and more pats on the back for him going out of his way to help a bunch of strangers? Thanks man. You were a big help. All the best.

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