how to run and install windows XP on windows 8

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Windows XP download
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  1. I clicked all the links and they did not work, My friend he is not in the younger age as we are, got a new computer and hates Windows 8, wants windows XP. I'm trying to put XP on his laptop with a CD but it starts and than I get a blue screen with a lot of codes on it, I tried to do the USB thing file ISO and same thing, kind of sucks, any knows how to delete Win 8 and put XP on it? thank you

  2. Thnx! Now I've got Windows XP on my Windows 8! 🙂 But… I have a problem. Because after the installation I'd tried to run Windows XP, but I have to type in a password. During the installation I didn't name it or gave it a password. Now the username is 'Administrator' and I need a password. I'd tried to leave it blank, but that didn't work. How do I get the password to start Windows XP?

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