How To Run Dos Programs in Windows 10 64 Bit using DosBox | Microsoft Windows 10 Tutorial

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As with Windows 10, we are moving into the new era of advance Operating Systems but you might still have a few old dos based application or games that you don’t want to give up.

In this tutorial, you will learn that how you can run old dos based application or programs in 64 Bit Edition of Windows 10. We are using a third-party application DosBOX and that you can download from the link below:

Download Dos Box :

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  1. Sir i while installing turbo c ++ i m gettin a error..Disk full not enough swap space..!! Plz help me sir to install turbo c ++ using dos..i am using windows 10 64 bit n have enough space in my laptop..!!

  2. I did the all the above, and when I ran my DOS program, it crashed and totally locked up PC, I couldn't even use Task Manager to get out. I had to do cold reboot with the power button. I checked same EXE on old PC (Win7,32-bit) and it ran fine.

  3. i missed playing Daggerfall about year ago, I had old laptop. until I got new laptop window 10. I can know handle dosbox installation and game too. but I didn't find change cycle that perfectly running, because not anymore f4 and f5, f4= window screen amd f5= backlid. this case, you could know change keyboard control of dosbox shortcut. please respond.

  4. I got up to 3:28 and did what you've done but it doesn't seem to work for me. I've typed in tc for 2nd time and hasn't worked. I don't know if it's because the game I want to play is supported but not playable, I'm trying to play tomb raider 1. I've bought the game from Steam. Can you help me with this?

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