How To Run Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 on Windows 8 (and windows 8.1)

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I Am finally back for an other video! today I will be showing you how to run Microsoft virtual pc 2007 on your windows 8 or 8.1 machine! [ this also works with windows 8.1 update 1 ]


Virtual PC 2007 SP1 64 bit. Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Phone.


  1. When installing the Windows Phone SDK, I got a BSOD when it tried to launch. What do I do?
    EDIT: Gonna install VS Community 2015 and Hyper-V and see if it works.
    EDIT 2: It worked with VS Community 2015 and Hyper-V. I have a new question, though; how do you get networking to work?
    EDIT 3: Never mind, when I tried to launch a VM, it BSOD'ed. RIP.

  2. i copied the downloaded vmm.sys to the system32 drivers section but it says that i need to provide administrator permission to copy to the drivers folder what should i do? should i click continue or skip?

  3. when I go to the windows phone sdk website it isn't there and I tried with the vmm file that's there but it still gives me the BSOD       PS I am on 8.1

  4. Thank you so much man, I tried looking for how to get virtual PC and this thing called Hyper-V showed up, I thought I was OK, and it's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO complex the tutorial for it on the windows site is Greek to me. I just wanna stick with Virtual PC 2007 😉

  5. a load off shit the fact we have to fuck about to get a microsoft program to work on windows …. have 10 and this just blue screens … rang microsoft they put the phone down so its off to linux as im sick off microsoft with there crappy windows

  6. Hi Oniaom, Could you please tell me what to do with the VMM.dll file, I am on windows 10 and I wanna run MS VPC 2007… Everything is working fine except when I open VPC it says some error related to VMM.dll…

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