How to run SimCity 4 in Hardware Mode under Windows 10 – Tutorial

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In this tutorial I’ll show you how to optimize SimCity 4 to run in Hardware mode under Windows 10, getting a smoother gameplay experience.

Step 1:
Download & install the game.

Step 2:
Create a desktop shortcut and add the parameters listed below.
Then, set Compatibility for “Windows XP SP3”, turn off HiDPI and turn on “Run as administrator”.

Step 3:
Edit the file Graphics Rules.sgr and change these settings:

Step 4:
Download the NTCore 4GB Patch and apply it…


  1. Hey there. Ok, so I followed the video step by step…the application now gives "Application Load Error 5:0000065434", and shuts down. I'm gonna reinstall for now. Any suggestions friend???

  2. You pastebin link goes to something else entirely different was hoping to this this to fix my game but I guess that's not going to happen… :/ I'm running on Windows 10 but when I run the little thing EA has with all their games to detect if the program will run on your system it keeps saying it's Windows NT even though it clearly isn't. I'm at a loss I've spent a week trying to make the game run and had no luck what so ever.

  3. I have a solution for those who couldn't get this to work.

    Play the GOG-version. No problem at all. Flawless play and no crashes at all. I'm using a 2016-standard computer with win 10.

  4. On a clean install new computer no other mods except the 4gb patch, text documents edited and the launcher installed the game still crashes. Your two links to the graphics rules I went through and could not find the five changes lines in the other link, I manually entered them and the game still did not work. The thread on SimTropolis did help with getting the game to work in the first place with windows 8.1 which upgraded and still worked with 10 until windows started to revert the graphics rules document suddenly. All changes made to that document are reverted back to default, video cards remains untouched, editing permissions did not work to prevent the changes from being reverted. The changes I made months ago using the information from the thread, adding the unique line to each document made the game work, the issue is preventing windows from reversing those changes.

  5. I have been trying to get this game to work for ages… all I did was your first tip with the Shortcut Parameters and the game runs perfectly! Thank you so much! I have the Steam Version and I added the String to the "Set Launch Options" in the Steam Library Properties of the game.

  6. Hi, I'm French and I speak the same language as you. And want to ask you a question, you crack the game or you on DVD because I have on DVD, the game is for Windows XP and Vista

  7. Can anybody help me? I tried to download dependencies from so I made an account but in order to activate the acc, I have to go to the link they sent to my email.. unfortunately i have receive no inbox from the site for both of my email acc.. help?? Is there any other download site that needs no registration?

  8. Is there any way to do this with the Steam's version directly? I have done all of this and everything is fine, but I want to be able to use Steam's FPS counter and be able to track my play time with the game.

  9. try to do what was said in the video, still does not start the game.
    when tried to save sgr file, the message said access denied. any idea how to fix it?

  10. W10 I don´t like; no more freedom for the user ! Software mode is allways worse opposed to hardware mode. Origin better as Steam or Original CD-rom; origin next best to CD install; except featured parameters like CPU-1 count, intro off, screen resolution add the UserDir parameter wich except hardware settings places any game seperate of the original instalation wich is nice as a backup location if anything happens to the original game instalation directory !

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