How To Safely Eject USB Devices From Windows 7

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In this video, I want to show you how to safely eject your USB hard drive flash media device or general USB device.

First, you can see on my screen that I have a removable USB flash drive with a few power point files that I stored here. Now I want to eject them from my Windows 7 machine without any damage to the drive. This can be quite tricky because, if you’re like me, you forget where the USB…


  1. Cheers buddy, I have a few external drives and USB sticks that stopped ejecting using the drop down menu on the left when looking through downloads, photos etc on windows 7. I didn't know that I could use the task bar icon and right click to eject things too, such a great help. Thanks again.

  2. The best way for me and easiest is:
    – Start menu
    – Search "Event Viewer" or "Visor de Eventos" in spanish
    – On the list on the left go to -> Windows Registers -> System
    – Right Click on system -> Filter
    – Add 225 (those are the events that prevent ejecting)
    – Try to eject and get the error
    – See the last one in the list after updating (right click -> Update)
    – That one will tell you details about which service or software didn't let the drive to eject
    – Find it in the Task manager (ctrl+shift+supr)
    – If you don't find it, open start menu, search for "cmd" to open the command window
    – write : taskkill /pid NUMBER /F <– Where the number is the ID of the process you got from the event filter. That will force that process to close.

    Now you can eject the drive 🙂

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