How to Save/Copy (Images, Video) Media Files from Whatsapp Bluestacks to PC 2016

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Learn how to save image, video media files from whatsapp to your computer hard disk in bluestacks for windows 7, windows xp or other. You can save images, video files to your pc from whatsapp bluestacks. You can also save video files and other shared files from your friends in whatsapp on pc 2016.


  1. For those who can't find this folder and only want to do this method, first save the files in windows folder then bstsharefolder
    in ES, after that go to C, Enable Hidden Items After that C:ProgramDataBlueStacksUserDataSharedFolder there you go easy

  2. u tried copy to but i used to move to so again this time i moved some photos form whatsapp folder to the bstshared folder.. but i can't find the moved pictures anywhere neither in the windows folder nor in the whatsapp folder.. earlier once i moved some files to to pictures subfolder of the windows folder and again the pictures were not visible to me.. this problem has started after ES File explorer has updated.. also i am coming across a file named .nomedia.. is it something related to it? copy to doesn't remove te files but moving them is in a way removing them from everywhere.. can u please help me in getting them back by any way?

  3. i am show you a best idea select your image and select share to and then select to window select your specific file to save an d press ok the file will save if you lik my trick please like my comment
    this process in es explorer ok

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