How to scan a picture/document into your computer (Windows 7)

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Here is a video that might help you step by step, or may just point you in the right direction.

I got very frustrated trying to do this, so I did what anyone does…Google what to do…And I found nothing that helped me…So once I fucked around for a bit I found out how to do this…So I thought I would make a quick video hoping that it helps anyone else that might be having the same problem (I have/used the canon MP240 printer/scanner)
I had to scan 131 pictures of…


  1. I only needed a copy of some shit to send to my insurance company, an hour later I ended up taking pictures on a mobile and doing it that way. The sledgehammer however is firmly embedded into my printer/scanner.

  2. omg i was really stressing out about having to call someone to configure my canon scanner and this video saved my life…. Thank you so so so much !!!!!! I know this video is old but it really helped 🙂 thank you!

  3. I just pressed scan about two hundred million times, when that didn't work, I pressed it about another 50 thousand times then kicked the printer really hard and hurt my toes. Thank you very much my ansome, you may have just saved me from finally going completely bonkers !

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