How to Scan in Windows 8.1 with Windows Fax and Scan

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When you install a printer driver in Windows 8.1, you can scan from your computer without installing additional HP software.

If you are using Windows 8, follow the steps in this video:

Learn how to scan with your HP all-in-one printer using Windows Fax and Scan.

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  1. I'm trying to help my lawyer who is in another state – CONFUSION!

    Seriously though, he understands legalese, not technical things. He sends me copied docs that are 10-12 pages, stapled and tri-folded and I can never scan them because they jam, and then it's one page at a time. It would be much easier from him to scan and email them to me, but he's 68 and technology intimidates him.

    He can locate the scan button on the control panel, and execute a scan, but he has no idea where to locate the scanned docs on his computer. I know the process works because when I was in his office in June I showed him how to do it. He simply cannot locate the documents.

    The company he bought the HP pavilion and OJ 8610 from installed the HP software and I'm sure just used the default settings. What is the name of the default folder created where the scanned docs are saved to? I'm assuming it's as simple is user/documents/scans but I want to be sure so I can create screen caps and send them to him. I might even use crayon!

  2. mine sais no scanner is detected.  I am also connected to a network and the printer is connected to another computer, photocopies fine, prints fine.  I'm trying to scan to my new computer with operating system 8.1

  3. thanks , it work only with scan and Still i am having problem .. My laptop is not connecting to fax ..
     can you tell me how to connect with fax with same machine , is their any software required for fax .

  4. I am using M1310 MFG , scan works fine .. then i changed to windows 8.1 .. , scan is not working , so i installed HP printer software .. scan is not working even after that ..
    can you tell me how to sort the issue

  5. hello, i have an HP DeskJet 2050A, and when i click new scan, it says that there is no scanner connected? the printer works fine but i cant scan? can you help please?

  6. It doesn't works, there's always the same message that I'm not connected to the scanner althoug it's right there next to me. On the other computer which is also next to it, it works without any problems. 🙁

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