How to Setup a Dedicated Home File Server Using Ubuntu Linux

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In this video I’m going to show you how to setup a dedicated home file server using Ubuntu Linux and Samba. This server will allow the whole family to store and share files and access them from Windows, Mac, or Linux computers. I’m going to show you start to finish how to setup the server as well as how to access files from it.

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  1. Hey I hit a little snag, on my old Dell there is an ethernet port and a wireless card, can i skip the part when entering a new IP and just go on with ethernet, becouse i cant enter the new IP, I Always go back to username. Is there something i can do?

  2. what a great video ! i'm a Xubuntu user for sooo long, and i want to have my own server, is there also a way to configure stuff with a graphic UI? instead of the command line ( i'm a complete noob with that)

  3. great video (even though i din't understand the commands very much). keep up the good work.
    can i use it to serve file on the web i.e. on a web browser(specifically an android device's browser).

  4. Great video. I am a Linux newbie. I have installed Linux Mint on my laptop. I plan to build a home lab to learn on and will install Unbuntu Server on an older PC. Again, very helpful video!

  5. Do we have any options to provided specific space in the folder for any specific folder.
    For example :- Me gets to you 200GB max in his folder-space shared from the Harddrive on Server
    Wife gets to use 200GB max in his folder-space shared from the Harddrive on Server
    Kids only 40 MB
    X User another 40 MB only

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