How to Setup a Lab Network for Virtual Machines using Hyper-V on Windows 8

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Setting up an Internal Lab Network on Hyper-V can be a bit tricky, so in order to help you out with the process, you can use this video as a reference in case you need help! This is one tutorial video that I really could not find on YouTube, so I figured I would make one to help all those who were wondering about this!

If you do not have Hyper-V on your computer yet, check out my guide on how to Enable Hyper-V on Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8.1:…


  1. Very nice video and very helpful. i have Hyper V environment and some one has created virtual network, but its not showing in the network adapter and hence this network is not connected with other physical as well as virtual machines, can you please guide me.

  2. HI , Can you let me know how can I make a network work , when I am using a Windows 10 Machine , using VMware Work station 10 , which contains a Windows 2012 with Hyper V
    I am so much confused , I am not able to connect the Hyper V guest VM to Hyper V Host – Windows 2012 Server

  3. Great Video! I am having a problem. I've created a Lab virtual Network with 2 VM's running Windows 2003 server.VM 1: application server, IIS, SQL ServerVM 2: Domain controllerfrom the applications in VM1 I have to access the active directory and perform tasks with the AD Users (such as changing properties)My problem is that from VM1 I am having problems to access to VM2 with the name of the PC and vice versa. If I ping from one VM to the other by Host Name it takes a lot until start showing results, but if I do it with the IP, it's fast.That is causing me time out when from VM1 the application sends LDAP queries to VM2.I've tried adding the IP and host names to the file host in windowssystem32driversetc but it doesn't solve anything.Do you have any idea what I can do?Thanks a lot!

  4. Helpful! The key is setting the vEthernet NIC on the host with an IP and making that IP the Gateway on each VM's NIC. I had everything else and kept banging my head against the wall until you pointed that out. LOL  Thanks for the tip

  5. Nice video… question if I set this up with dhcp will I affect the other computers on the physical network as well? I don't want the dhcp to hand out ip's to the computers connected to my cable modem

  6. Thank you for such a refined video. The setting up virtual network needs a good understanding of underlying technologies and you made it easy by describing the steps in an orderly manner.

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