How to Setup an FTP Server in Windows 10 – AvoidErrors

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How to setup an FTP Server in Windows 10, I am also going to show you how you can access it via LAN and WAN.


  1. can you please help. The over network gives me ERR_CONNECTION_ABORTED and it thinks my pc is down or my link has moved to another web page. BUT!! it worked first time and asked for a username and password. PLEASE HELP!!

  2. I NEED HELP. Using a Vodafone modem. Gives me internal and external ports which require two values. What do i enter? 0 is not a possible outcome which it is set to by default. Ive tried using 21 for all ports. the internal port doubled the first input to its output. So 21 became 42 on the second value. PLEASE HELP. I really need this ftp access. Many Thanks.

  3. Extremely useful video, one of the best I have seen om Youtube. Unfortunately it did not work for me to access my FTP-server from the outside. Struggled with this for two days until I disabled the firewall in the router and also disabled Windows firewall. Then it worked like clockwork 🙂 A question: Say I want a friend to access his own folder on my FTP-server. Do I just set up him as another user in the same way you set up 'Miguel' ??

  4. Do I need to write my own SSL certificate to get anything ftp? Right now nothing ftp in two your vids Windows7and10 ftp videos gets none of your results under any circumstances anywhere according to your step by step ftp directions.

  5. Can't get this to work over a web browser. Keep getting error 530 valid hostname is expected. But it does work with filezila and or android app. Any advice? As i would like to ftp over a web browser.

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