How to Setup Atom For C / C++ Development on Windows 10

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This is a Instructional Video on how to compile C and C ++ programs in Atom Text Editor, one of the best open source text editors.

Links shown in the video:

Atom Text Editor:
Gpp-compiler package:

Atom is opensource source code and text editor. Atom can be installed on Windows, Linux and OS X. Atom supports plugins written in Node.js and has embedded Git source control. Atom is developed by GitHub. Atom…


  1. If I'm not mistaken, with Atom-IDE plugin you'll have console in Atom's window, under the code, like in VS.. Or may be you'll need one more plugin for it, except Atom-IDE… Read about it, it should be article like "GitHub and Facebook made IDE from Atom" (it had same name in few Russian sites, i think original article should have the same name)

  2. Why in the world would you want to use atom to write C or C++ on Windows? You have both visual studio and Visual Studio code. Editors that are effective and suitable for both large and small project. This is the kind of videos that are really a waste of resources and time

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