How to Setup Multiple Monitors | Microsoft Windows 10 Tutorial

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In this Windows 10 Tutorial, you will learn to Setup Multiple Monitors / Dual Monitors on a Windows 10 PC. If you have properly plugin and configure any BIOS seconds, if required, then you don’t need to setup anything in Windows to enable Multiple Display.

If Windows 10 detects that there are more than one monitor attached to the PC, then it automatically enables multiple display and extend the display on all the monitors.

In this tutorial, you will learn to configure different Multiple…


  1. i have 1 screen and for some reason i have another 1 its frustrating bcz i dont have a second screen and when i go all the way to the right my mouse and other stuff disaper how do i turn off copletly the other screen i know how to turn off the other screen but not for ever maybe for 1 h and it turns on again

  2. Utterly off-putting video. Siri-voice puts me off plus I'm trying to link laptop with two other monitors that aren't just dupes of each other,
    Thanks for trying to help but this wasn't helpful at all.

  3. thanks. however, I have Intel i3 4th gen graphics and rx 460. I want to set up a dvi monitor for the rx460 and a vga monitor to the motherboard. can I play using the rx460 and read mail at the other screen? I cannot connect both to the graphic card due vga is quite old

  4. I tried whole day without success with other video, but this was quite useful . It says  you need to pull from taskbar  to transfer the display to other screen and missed that bit previously with other video.

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