How to setup parental controls within Windows 10

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  1. I think, that build-in parent control in Win 10 is far from perfection,
    so I’d recommend you to buy a separate programm with many features,
    for example Kids Watch or Time Boss Pro.
    This programs have remote access to kids PC, forced breaks, grants,
    limitation internet sites by time and others…

  2. OMG, the information is great but I almost fell asleep listening to this guy, so I ended up stopping the video and went to watch another one way shorter and same info.

    Try to sound more energetic bud.

  3. Does the kid have to have a microsoft account as well? I sent an invite to my son and when "accept invite" was clicked, it took us to the microsoft signin/signup screen. His gmail address was already in the account name, but no password. I assumed that he had to create a microsoft account as I did as well. Is this accurate?

  4. Just configured this on a Windows 10 machine, and noticed on my childs account, Firefox doesn't pay any attention to the parental controls. ie: It can access adult sites. While Microsoft's browser does block this content.

    On Windows 7, the Family Safety settings working across all browser. But Windows 10 it seem they only apply to Microsoft's. Is this a clever ploy to force you to use Microsoft's browser instead of alternatives (eg: Firefox)?

  5. Hi, I'm interested blacklisting all programs/apps and websites, except for allowed ones. Right now, Windows 8/8.1 has a bypass bug where if you log on and quickly open up a browser and do a search before the Family Safety diagram pops up, you have free, unlimited reign to the computer/internet.

    Can you test this on Windows 10 to see if the bug still exists? Microsoft still never fixed the bug on Windows 8/8.1. 🙁

  6. They can bypass the curfew settings when they are logged into Steam. Once Steam is logged on, it will keep the system turned on and running whatever game is being used. I don't have the log proof right now, but I know he has done that multiple times.

  7. Is there a way to to set time limits? Like I want my kid to have no more than 3hrs a day. But he can choose when between the hours of 8am – 6pm? Or can only Macs do this? This would be a basic feature for a PC I would think.

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