How to Slipstream Windows Updates into your Windows 10 Installer

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Slipstreaming Windows 10: How to create up to date Windows 10 ISO files with all available hotfixes, patches and security updates

Microsoft provides Windows 10 ISO files for clean installation of a new system. Usually those ISOs lack the latest Windows 10 hotfixes / patches / security updates. Luckily you can create your own up to date Windows 10 ISO files by…


  1. Procedure does not work. Upon launch, NTLite reports "Out of memory" while loading Source. When directed to the downloaded Microsoft Win10 Installation ISO file, NTLite reports "Invalid Windows image path: Please select a folder containing Windows setup DVD, ISO, or USB content." and so cannot see the Win10 ISO file. Very disappointing. 🙁

  2. Yeah does not work as shown. WSUS download chosen for Updates location does NOT have a direct showing of available updates. Also, it looks like WSUS detects what version of Windows 10 you have currently installed and may ignore what Available Downloads you NEED on the latest WINDOWS MEDIA CREATOR ISO DL which MAY or MAY not include the key NOVEMBER UPDATE which I need for a classic Repair/Reinstall with same version! as my sfc /scannow and other things shows un-repairable system… but I have 350 games installed all nicely configed and 150 programs so not so nice to CLEAN normal install.. I need a REPAIR REINSTALL with current version and build.

    When WSUS completes to DL location your video shows just the updates….mine shows a long list of files to go through. And later when I try to ReTransfer the Downloaded .iso from Windows to Redo process I am hit with all these FILES HAVE NAMES TOO LONG to Transfer or ever delete! Some sort of protection. Even Unlocker cannot delete these files on reboot!

    You links to site first says WH is the way to go but then later says WSUS is the REAL WAY TO GO as direct from MSoft. Very Sloppy and confusing as usual from sloppy nerds who do not care.

  3. Hopefully this will create a Slipstreamed Windows 10 Disc with the November Update which is the OS build I am using and necessary to do a Repair Reinstall in place to fix OS bugs as my sfc /scannow shows unrepairable errors and I just want to repair Windows 10 and NOT reinstall 500 games and Programs! You need a disc with same build I heard to do it right as in the old days.

  4. Hi, great video and very helpful. I am having a problem. The windows Defender is out of date when I do this. I have to apply an update to windows defender. I thought the update I get from Microsoft will update the windows defender as well.Anyone has he same issue?

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