How To Solved Permission Denied Problem In Ubuntu

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  1. this isn't for non existing directories… that's an apache technical permission changing thing… this is a permission denied question… the trick is if you are in the terminal localhost directory and you hit ls… then ls -al … then have a folder like "cd vhosts/localhosts/public/" and the contents inside public are permission denied you have a trick you can do to enable the virtualhost.conf file in etc….. do this…. "cd vhosts" … "cd localhosts" …"cd public" …. "ls" … "chmod 777 .." or do it in the localhosts directory

  2. I'm trying to remove some git directory, but when i type "chown -v [MyUser] /git" on "/home/[MyUser]/git" directory in terminal
    it shows "chown: cannot access 'git/': No such file or directory"

  3. It says: failed to change ownership of "my folder" from root to "my username" where my folder is the folder I want to delete and my username is my ubuntu name.
    Where did I go wrong?

  4. Thank you for this clear and concise explanation to this vexing problem. I tried numerous searches to find a solution, waisting many hours, all to no avail. But your short video (2:06) led me directly to the answer. I will keep you bookmarked and return again.

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