How to speed up a slow windows 10 computer

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A few quick tips to speed up windows 10


  1. I bought a new gaming laptop with high specs and i was shocked, after it operated really slow. Even had the "no response" problem with the browser and so on, but with your tricks it actually solved it all, I think it was the power supply, like u mentioned. thx a lot, greetings from germany 🙂

  2. My laptop runs like hell now, thanks!!! My font looked low res afterwards but clicked on "smooth edges on screen fonts" in advanced setting list and this resolved it. Thanks again!!

  3. Now I just watched your video, and even though I got Best Buy to find out the cause of my computer, I saw the video was lagging. The Geek Squad went on the power part of my laptop PC and found it was on a power saving setting instead of a High Power High Performance setting that I have now. For those of you that have, or once have vinyl, it's like playing 45 rpm record on 33 1/3 speed, and that's what happened to this PC where I'm typing from. Looks like I'm not the only one with this problem.

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