How to speed up & tweak Windows 10

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[2016 note]
Hey guys, I’m sure many of you are excited about Windows 10, however I am going to have to unfortunately ask all of you to refrain asking me any further help concerning Windows 10 that is outside the scope of this tutorial. Microsoft’s devilish acts have forced me to seek out Linux, and never again shall I return to this cursed operating system, where privacy and your acknowledgements are violated and…


  1. Windows 10 sucks, can't believe your saying its the best ??? its slowest operating system yet. I have so many clients with brand new laptops with Win 10 and I get nothing but complaints about speed and boot issues.. I spend hours researching issues and make corrections for them.. They should have never migrated away from Windows 7, the #1 fastest operating system out there, in the windows world.. coupled with a SSD drive creates the fastest computer system you can possibly want!

  2. Ccleaner, contrary to what you believe.. I use the registry cleaner all the time on my computer plus all of my 100 clients, and NEVER had an 1 issue with it.. anything that can reduce the amount of code in the registry is a positive step towards speed as the registry file is read upon boot time.

  3. TO prevent WIN 10 from installing


    Click on programs in control panel and look up in left

    top and you will see show updates Click on that and copy

    and paste each of these updates in the search bar and

    uninstall them. Next manually start windows or Microsoft

    update and when these show up you can hide them.

  4. I have 2 comments to enhance performance of windows 10 avoid complete installs of applications and look for portable app solutions as portable apps does not write data to the registry.

    As you make install/uninstall software windows leaves traces of old entries how should you maintain the registry for optimal performance?

  5. Noticed my self, that CCleaner registry cleaner screws up the windows. Its like the windows go drunk after it. All from hanging, blue screens and slow generaly. Good to see others notice it to

  6. This worked for me..twice. It turns out by the time I saw this video, I had already downloaded Ccleaner and did NOT un-check the boxes for the Registry. Mistake!
    I had to go back to DEFAULT status, just keeping my files the way they were.

    Thank for your help…faster and faster my computer is..

  7. In the system32 folder there are many important system-files such as drivers and various important DLLs. If you try to delete system32 probably some (important) files will be deleted, but sooner or later the deletion-process will be aborted because some of the files (obviously) are in use when Windows is running.

    Then (maybe at the next reboot, maybe sooner, maybe later) you'll encounter errors because of the missing files. So windows may not boot up (correctly) anymore or some applications won't work anymore. It's hard to really predict what exactly will happen, it depends on the files that have been deleted successfully and these may vary from system to system.

  8. Great, easy to follow video with practical suggestions. I was hoping to get a little deeper regarding optimizing the PC but I'm sure there are so many things that you can't put it all in 1 video. This is a great start for beginners though!!

  9. Actually just by disabling a few apps from starting at launch I got my idle CPU utilization down to 2 – 5% down down 14 – 20% so I'm pretty happy, that was actually starting to get in the way when running 3 EVE Clients watching a youtube video and then trying to do something else after that.

    RAM isn't really a problem as I have 12GB of RAM And I have 512GB of SSD Space and 6TB of HDD space so I'm fine on that too, Even though I'm ok on RAM I'm going to be upgrading to 32GB probably at some point just so that I super don't have to worry about RAM.

  10. Great video and really helpful. I have a computer which is about ten years old and runs Windows XP. It has a valuable function which it is still able to fulfil – just. My question is should I be looking to upgrade it to Windows 10 or just leave it fulfilling its function until the day comes that it goes to the computer workshop in the sky.

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