How to – Speed Up Ubuntu 17.04, 16.04, 14.04 Mint, Debian

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Shows you how to install Preload – a read ahead utility/daemon that over time figures out what you use most of the time and “preloads” it so that when you run the app it fires up right away



  1. Thats cool man, Mint is rather nice. I have wiped that Ubuntu install in the video, playing around with Kubuntu 12.10 – much faster than stock Ubuntu 12.10 – thought that was a rubbish release to be honest.
    Good luck with Linux its good to switch!

  2. Thanks Murphy….but I am back to Linux mint 14 Mate. Compiz kept crashing….I find the new Ubuntu release slightly unstable. I am only a user though….not a pro to make proper adjustments to the system. I needed something that I could instal and use without much of a hassle.

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