How To Speed Up Windows 10 – Optimize For Gaming

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How To Speed Up Windows 10 – Optimize For Gaming

Are you looking for guides online to tweak Windows 10 for Gaming? Then you came to the right place. In this video, we will show you ways to configure your Windows 10 operating system for gaming.

If You Do This Steps You Will Not Have Any Windows Lags. In This Case You Will Speed Up Boot Time.

1. Power Settings
2. Disk Cleanup
3. Disk Defragment
4. Disable Start Up Programs
5. Disable Background Apps
6. Turn Off Windows Write Cache


  1. But wait 19. is it NoLowDiscChecks or NoLowDiskChecks because i see on official microsoft page that is NoLowDiscChecks but on other page is NoLowDiskChecks SO WHAT IS TRUE

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