How To Speed Up Windows 7 Boot Time

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This is a really simple way of saving 5-10 seconds of your life by changing a few settings that ANYONE can do

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  1. helpful video, but the background music you've used is distracting. Also, it would help if you get to the point quickly. it took you 45 seconds to start talking about relevant stuff.

  2. @ThePatrykfilm9000 well… from my past experiences of IE, i HATED it lol, ive been using mozilla firefox the most because its more stable,faster and more secure than explorer, ive also started using google chrome recently as its pretty fast and i like the view of it compared to explore which clogs the view up with toolbars

    This is the rankings id put them in.

    1. Google Chrome ( an overall good contender )

    2. Firefox ( its good, but not as fast, but much powerful )

    3. IE9 = BULLSHIT <3 hehe

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