How to Speed up your Computer/PC/Laptop Windows 10 Tips & Tweaks – Faster Gaming – Free & Easy

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  1. More options you could do to improve performance is:

    Right click on "Counter Strike: Global Offensive" and select "Set Launch Options".
    In launch options put in "-high (sets performance process to high) -novid (removes starter video) -nod3d9ex (disables 3d directx 9).

    Secondly, search up "battery options" on Windows and select peformance upon doing so go to "show advanced settings" and turn it on to "high performance"

    Lastly, open up Windows 7 and right click on Computer then select advanced system settings and select perfomance and then select "adjust for best performance"

    Now these are the commands and configs I used to improve CS:GO when I used to play it alot ( I left when gambling ended but I cashed out 400 )

    Anyways I thought I'd give you these!


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