How to Speed up your Internet Connection for Windows 7,8,8.1,10

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How to Speed up Wi-Fi Connection Windows. Please Subscribe.
PART 1 here:
PART 2 here:
PART 3 here:

1. Test Your current Speed here:

2. Open Control Panel – Device Manager – Network Adapters
– Wifi – Advanced – Wireless Mode – try to switch to Different
Mode a/g – b/g has solid speed but “n” mode and “ac” is the
fastest. (…


  1. I have a N router, a N wireless card in my tower, and 144Mbps receive rate when checking in CMD, but no wireless mode option ;/Would love faster internet, but only getting about 5Mbps after doing all in all 4 vids, same as before starting.Am with Century Link in a small town paying for a 7Mbps connection, is very disappointing to be going so slow, but even if I can't fix, these videos are phenomenal, very much loving them!! ; )

  2. before "tweaking"
    Ping: 32 ms
    Download speed: 4.37 mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.63 mbps

    now !
    Ping: 17 ms
    Download speed: 9.90 mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.70 mbps
    Β 6:a/b/g works best for me.. once again thanks man!

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