How to Speed Up Your Windows 10 Performance (best settings)

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This video shows you How to speed up any windows 10 Computer for increase you productivity and for a better gaming experience, this method is free and without using any software.

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  1. I’m gonna do all this stuff later. Thanks!
    I basically manage all the computers in the house and I’m not very skilled with Windows. My personal computer is a Mac. Very different systems. This’ll help a lot!

  2. Wow, thank you Geeks Tutorial. My laptop which is only 2 years old was running really slow. Waiting up to 7 seconds for a new tab top open. When I would watch youtube it would take up to 25 seconds to launch, then it would be fine. I just finished doing all ten steps. My start up time (9.2 seconds BIOS) I think is still a bit long but my tabs opened up instantly and youtube plays straight away. Thanks guys very helpful, highly recommend it!!!!!!

  3. If you want the best performance install windows 7… I tried Windows 8,1 and 10 on 4 different computers for a year and after going back to Windows 7 they all run a lot faster and use less recourses by a huge margin. Windows 10 simply suck in every way possible from the horrible user UNFRIENDLY Graphical User Interface to simply bad performance

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