How To Split Screen In windows 8

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Learn about the windows 8 split screen feature.
In windows 8.1 Microsoft has made drastic improvements in handling the multi-tasking environment by allowing users to split their screens between apps.


  1. That's great, but how can I disable that BS from coming up every time I accidentally pull down on the top of the desktop? I use multiple monitors, as does every serious techie/super user these days, and with multiple monitors + Display Fusion, something really hinky happens when you split the screen and then drag one side to take up the whole screen. What happens to me is the desktop gets pushed underneath the Start Screen (Metro Apps) and the desktop on my secondary monitor crashes and locks up. Alt Tab cannot get the desktop back, Ctrl Alt Delete and then clicking on Task Manager opens the task manager UNDERNEATH the Start Screen and again, Alt Tab will not get it to come to the front. When this happens I am always forced to reboot the computer. You'd think MS would get shit like this fixed after 3 years of 8.1 but no, they don't give a crap. What's the point of this feature anyways? I feel like someone was like "hey lets put something like Fedora/Ubuntu's virtual desktops into Windows" and then some other guy put it in without understanding what a virtual desktop was. What Split Screen accomplishes is nothing but essentially the same thing that stacking 2 windows next to each other does in Windows 7, but doing it this way provides unnecessary complications that just end up screwing things up.

  2. Hi, does this work with desktop programms, or only if one of them is an app?, What I´m trying to do is split my screen and have 2 desktops so I can run different programs on each side, I´ve tried to do this but for me it only work when one of them is an app, can you help me please?

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