How to Split Screen on Windows 8.1 – Fun & Easy Windows Tips 2015

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In this video see how to Split Screen on Windows 8.1. You can also do this in Windows 8 as well. This allows for enhanced multitasking in Windows 8.1 by using two different Windows 8 apps, side by side on the same screen. You will see how to do Split Screen in a easy and fun way in this tutorial.

Something to keep in mind is that split screens is not the same as
dual screens or dual monitors. Split screen is a Windows software function using one monitor or display and dual screens is using…


  1. Can I , for example, split my screen in 2 and in one part use Chrome ( or other web app) and on the other side use Microsoft word and Chrome? I`d like to watch some football on the left when i`m doing my license on the right 😀

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