How To Start Windows 8 in Safe Mode

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Check out the step-by-step tutorial here as well on Tom’s Hardware:

Starting Windows 8 up in Safe Mode can be a necessity for some options, and to do that, you’ll need to enable the Legacy Boot Menu. Follow along with us on this tutorial for an easy how-to on enabling the legacy boot menu and getting into Safe Mode


  1. dont fucking litsen this shit


    1.start run (windows key+r)
    2.type msconfig
    3.go to boot
    4.check box safe boot
    5.choose your option
    6.restart your computer are in safe mode

    i hope that helped a lot

  2. Not sure why your teaching the long way. Go to Charms, hit Settings, hit the Power icon, hold down Shift and hit Restart. You'll be presented with more options on fixing your computer in addition to booting into Safe mode.

  3. Or you can simply run msconfig, its still there and functional, choose the boot tab.
    Then tick the Safe Mode and the version of safe mode you want.  Like minimal, active directory repair, and network for getting internet while in safe mode. Its allot easier than editing the boot-loader and safer I might add.

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